The Laziest, Game-changing soccer betting system - No jokes.

The way you look at soccer betting will permanently change - and, you will make more money consistently than you ever had before. It all starts here.

Learn how to bet in soccer like the 1% of winners who stick to one method. Nothing fancy's required.


Why Invest in Goals?

Why bet on goals? because it's simply the easiest way to cash-in on soccer.

The odds are generally in your favor, only if you select the right games and know what you're doing.

After investing in over 17,000+ live running matches, and having spent the past 10-years of my life studying the system til my eye-bled and mind-fried, I've discovered 87% hit-rate signals which suggest incoming goals.


High ROI, Short Waiting Cycles

If you’re talking about a business model with the highest ROI, this it.

In soccer, you can start making money in just under 45-minutes.

This program will force-feed you with the required know-how on how to bet successfully in soccer in the long run.

A Secure & Time-Tested System

Just like any other form of business, if you want to win with consistency, you need to have a solid-system that flat-out works, again and again.



Cherry Pick Method: The Evolution

I spent almost 3-years (with every other night) in coffee shops refining this system. Collecting, analyzing mountains of data, verifying patterns, counterclaiming, and weeding out all irrelevant data, just so you can “spot goals" with a spot-on vision.

This system was inspired by my CherryPick method which I pioneered back in 2011. It’s one simple method that’s been producing consistent results, but still had so much untapped potential.

To take full advantage of the CherryPick method, there are strict protocols and parameters you have to follow.



Avoiding Traps

The market is lined up with plenty of fatal traps, which you'll be trained to recognize and avoid like a bad cough.

Being highly consistently in spotting the good games from bad is what separates the winners from losers.

These are games that look’ tempting’ on surface, but will probably burn you.

Fact: Out of 100 games, there’s only 10% of games you should investing in. That is actually good enough for us.

You should only be playing a few games every day. It's about volume per bet, not frequency.


Start Investing Globally

Invest in games, from all around the world.

Without fear, but sheer confidence.

This is the beauty of this program. You aren't limited to only the leagues you're familiar with you.

You now have the opportunity to expand your horizons, and invest in games on an international level.

Aside from the Big Four (English Premier League, Germany Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue), you'll be trained to prepare for Asian-based leagues (Japanese League, Chinese Super League), to the Scandinavians (Denmark, Norwegian).

More options, more opportunity to earn.



Invest in Yourself

This is a 7-Day Intensive training program; one that could literally change the financial planning for the next 50+ years of your life. Excuse my hyperbole, but it is very realistic.

I'm not here to give you the "fish". I'm teaching you how to "fish"; this way you can replicate the success on your own.

Stop relying on other professional tipsters. Call your own shots with confidence. Play the pilot. Put the ball in your court.

I'm handing you years of my hard-earned experience to help you detect goals just like I can. The CherryPick is one of my favorite methods, but you have to be patient and know what to look for.


Course Overview

Inside this program, you'll soon master my time-tested, sustainable, goal-betting guidelines that were once best-kept secrets to me. Today, you have the opportunity to join along for the ride.

This 7-day intensive training program comes with 9 Modules.

Everyday, we’ll talk about what’s working and what isn’t.

You'll know what games qualify, and what games won't pass.

Listen, betting is black and white. You either picked correctly, or you didn't. It's you against yourself. The secret to winning consistently is to be consistent with the right games and practices.

From Zero to 100

Do you need experience? No.

Everything sequentially designed  with the beginner in mind, and for you to become progressively better with this method, all in 7-days. I've spent hours refining this course to help you develop a rock solid foundation to becoming an intuitively-sharp punter.

If you're still trying to decode the secrets in soccer betting, stop. Just focus on making money.

And, if you're still happy with your current weekly performance, or you're just chasing your own tail like most people do, you need to seriously stop and reconsider your game plan.  Why continue betting on blind faith?



NO, we do not bet on Handicaps.

NO, you don't need a large capital to start.

NO, you don’t have to be a soccer expert, know the teams.

NO, you don't have to spend more than an hour daily to make serious money.

NO, you don’t have to know how to read odds like pros do.


Spend the least amount of time, to make the most amount of money.

That's what this program's about.

Truth Revealed: Soccer Industry

All soccer is fixed. That's a good thing.

You just need to know what they’re fixing to cash-in on it.

The market is dirty. So play dirty as well. You have to be in synergy with the market.

The process is simple. We bet on the first goal to arrive to make money.

Ready, Fire, Cash.

Make every bet count.

To bet, you have to make the right decisions. The wrong one will cost you money, the right, obviously makes you bank. The system will permanently rewire how you look at the market, understand required odds.


9 Killer Modules that'll Make Your Bookie Go Crazy

Modules 1 to 3

Module 1: Introduction to PRIMOGOAL.

Get an Overview of this 7-Day Intensive Course and the unlimited potential you're about to acquire. This is where your financial life changes.

Module 2: Accessing the Required Data.

Data and stats are our oxygen. However, it's important that you know what to look for, and what to analyze.

Most people are looking at the wrong things.

Module 3: Goal Parameters

The key goal-generating parameters we'll need to understand to help decide whether or not to bet.

Module 4-6

Module 4: Golden Formulas.

Memorize the proprietary goal-producing formula. This will help you internalize the system's protocols faster.

Module 5: Staking like the moguls; and budgeting correctly will make or break you.

Module 6: Internal Game. Start nurturing the winner in you, starting today. But do it the right way. You'll soon find out all your flaws and how to forever change your hit-rate performance.

Module 7-9

Module 7: Dealing with losses professionally is just as important as staking smartly.

Module 8: Game Review. This is a skill you must have in your arsenal. You need to know how look for the wins and losses. Cut the loss, double up on the wins.

Module 9: Flow Philosophy. This is the mental state I reach that unlocks the streaks.

Graduate in 7-Days

In 7-Days, you’ll earn a new skill set that will forever change your outlook on sports betting. You’ve earned a new income stream that will feed you forever, consistently, day-in, day-out. How much would you pay for this?


You simply need to know what to look for.

There’s a set of parameters which you’ll access. This gives you the answers.

Capitalize off the most hyper-advanced goal-buying system.

Not just any goal, we’re only focusing on the FIRST GOAL.

If you’re new to soccer betting, you can bet for GOALS to occur.

You aren’t limited to betting on Handicaps.


How much would you pay to earn a skill that will bring you money over your lifetime?

I’d pay beyond thousands. A proven system which I’ve custom-tailored and compressed into a 7-day intensive course.

I've been coaching many students in this game for longer than I can remember. I know how to break down systems and models so everyone can understand this - even a 6th grader.

You are forced to win.

This will change not your betting performance, but your financial life.

If you choose do what the majority are doing, you will share the same results they’re getting: Either Ups and Down or ongoing Loss. Avoid herd mentality.

Winning was NEVER based on LUCK.

Everything in this soccer betting industry is fixed. You just need to know what they're fixing.

If you want to win, you need to create your own luck.

To do so, you need to KNOW exactly what to look for, and what signals will produce 87%+ chance of an incoming goal.

Sign up today and take control of your own results.




What Happens After 7-Days?

Once you complete and graduate from this 7-day intensive crash course, you will be:

+ Armed with the killer insights, reflexes and instinct to know which game to bet on. You will only get better with time when you earn your own experience and mileage.

+ Playing at pro-level, where you no longer have to think long and hard. When it comes to soccer betting, you cannot hesitate nor have fear.

If you know your decision is right, you shouldn't have a problem placing that bet - you already know the outcome is in your favor.

Member-Only Forum

Once you're a registered member, you'll have full access to our exclusive community.

This is also an extension to all course materials - as I'll be sharing reviews on my own latest earnings, while explaining in full detail why the game was selected, and why goal occurred.

Once you see a clear breakdown of all the WINS and LOSS, you'll hyper accelerate your learning. 

Stop Chasing Your Own Tail

If you're sick of all the up-and-down runs (or mostly loss-after-loss weeks), you're not the only one who "feels unlucky". 98% of those who are betting on soccer right now, are going through the same rabbit hole.

Stop wiring your hard-earned money to your bookie. Turn the tables around.

It's time for a lifetime change - I'll let you call the shots.

Register while enrollment is still available. I reserve the rights to close the doors anytime like I did for my Early Bird Picks Club.





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