Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World 

Imagine crisp mountain air, pristine beaches, and sparkling rivers... that's the reality in these top 10 cleanest countries around the world!    Calculated as per EPI Rankings.

Wind power & recycling champion, scoring 77.9! ♻️ 

Denmark EPI Ranking: 1

Ambitious climate warrior, tackling emissions with renewables (77.7). 

United Kingdom EPI Ranking: 2


Environmental all-rounder, excelling across categories (76.5). 

Finland EPI Ranking: 3


Tiny island, big impact! Sustainable leader with a score of 75.2. ☀️ 

Malta EPI Ranking: 4


Clean energy innovator, shining bright at 72.7. ✨ 

Sweden EPI Ranking: 5

Zero-waste warrior, aiming for a spotless future (72.3). ️ 

Luxemborg EPI Ranking: 6

Photos: Photo by @nomundodejr Jr.

Nature haven, boasting pristine beauty and a score of 67.3. ️ 

Slovenia EPI Ranking: 7

Photo by Alex Azabache: ht

Waste management maestro, scoring 66.5 with eco-friendly practices. ♻️ 

Austria EPI Ranking: 8

Photo by Dominik😎: 

Mountain paradise prioritizing clean air & water (65.9). ️ 

Switzerland EPI Ranking: 9

Renewable rockstar, harnessing geothermal power with a score of 62.8. 

Iceland EPI Ranking: 10