Top 10 Countries Indians need Visa to Visit

Top 10 Countries Indians need Visa to Visit

Indians can visit 32 countries only with your Passport,  So Plan your next vacation

Bhutan Its 60% of land is covered with forest, which leads them to the only carbon negative country in the world

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Oman Safest countries in the world to travel. Muttrah Souq is one of the oldest in the world.  

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Qatar Qatar has the world’s most urbanised population with 99.2% , with a literacy of 97%.

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Malaysia Malaysia has Oldest Tropical Rainforest  and also known as  food capital  of the World

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Mauritius Only African Nation to hold highest Human Development Index. Also famous for its Coral reefs and Scube Diving

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Fiji Fiji also known as the “soft coral capital of the world” , with over 90% territory with water, making haven for snorkellers & scuba divers

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Thailand Thailand is truly a land of temples, with over 32,000 temples to visit.

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