Why Goa banned Gobi Manchurian?

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Beloved fusion dish ignites debate between tradition and health concerns.  Can it keep its sizzle? 

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Gobi Manchurian banned in Goa, Mapusa for food safety concerns! ️ 

Cauliflower fans beware! Beloved Gobi Manchurian, known for its crispy florets and vibrant sauce, faces the heat.

The ban on the dish has been placed due to unhygienic conditions and the use of synthetic colours.  MMC Chairperson Said

As per Reports, The Sauce used to make Gobi Manchurian , & Chutney served with them also  didn't meet Food Safety Standards.

The spicy cauliflower fave actually started life as Chicken Manchurian, invented by Mumbai's Chinese food legend, Nelson Wang, way back in the 1970s.