Ayodhya Temple Interesting Facts

Ayodhya Temple will be the India's Biggest Temple.

Idol of Ram Lalla is sculpted by a Mysuru-based sculptor Arun Yogiraj.

Three aarti will done  every day   6.30 am – Shringar/Jagaran Aarti 12.00 pm – Bhog Aarti 7.30 pm – Sandhya Aarti Schedule

Temple Pillars is built Incorporating Chaulukya styles and Shastra

Shri  Ram temple complex is 380 feet long, 250 feet wide,  and 161 feet tall.  Its three 20-foot floors boast 392 pillars and 44 gates, all built without a single scrap of iron. 

In a symbolic display of unity across borders, Thailand has offered soil from its land to be included in the consecration ceremony.

Buried deep below Ram Mandir, a time capsule whispers its secrets: copper sings of Ram, Ayodhya, for take care of temples identity future generations.