Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana (PMSY)

The Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana (PMSY) is a recently announced Indian government initiative that aims to install rooftop solar power systems in one crore (10 million) homes across the country. This ambitious program was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in August 2023, just after the consecration ceremony of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

The PMSY has two main objectives:

  • Provide electricity to low and middle-income individuals: By installing rooftop solar panels, the scheme aims to provide a reliable and affordable source of electricity to underserved communities. This will help to reduce dependence on the traditional grid and lower electricity bills for beneficiaries.
  • Promote energy independence and sustainability: The PMSY is also part of India’s broader goal of increasing its renewable energy capacity and reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. By generating solar power at the household level, the scheme will contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for India.

The scheme is still in its initial stages, and the details of its implementation are yet to be fully finalized. However, the government has stated that it will provide financial incentives to homeowners to encourage them to adopt rooftop solar power. These incentives may include subsidies on the cost of solar panels and installation, as well as net metering arrangements that allow homeowners to sell excess electricity back to the grid.

Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana (PMSY) Details

YojanaPradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana  Registration 2024
Announced byPrime Minister Mr. Narandra Modi
Date of Announcement22 January 2024 in PIB
Application starts onWill be notified on
BeneficiariesAll the poor and middle-class citizens
ObjectivesReduce the electricity bill of the poor and middle class
Make India self-reliant in the field of energy
Official websiteAvailable Soon
EligibiltyIndian Citizens with low financial status.
Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana (PMSY) Details

The PMSY has the potential to be a game-changer for India’s energy sector. If successful, it could provide clean and affordable electricity to millions of people, while also helping India to meet its ambitious renewable energy targets.

What are the benefits of Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana (PMSY)?

  • The scheme is targeted at low and middle-income households, with a focus on rural areas.
  • The government has set a target of installing 1 crore (10 million) rooftop solar systems within three years.
  • The scheme is expected to create lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of jobs in the solar energy sector.
  • The government is working with various stakeholders, including state governments, financial institutions, and solar power companies, to implement the scheme.

The Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana (PMSY) is a welcome step towards a more sustainable and equitable energy future for India. It has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people and make a significant contribution to the country’s climate change goals.

This was PM Modi’s first announcement made after attending, Ayodhya Ram Mandir Pran Pratishta. Pradhanmantri Suryoday Yojana (PMSY) aims to Solarize 1 crore households in India.

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How many PM schemes are there in India?

Total government schemes: The Indian government operates a vast number of schemes at both the central and state levels. In 2022, there were roughly 740 central sector schemes and 65 centrally sponsored schemes. These schemes address various sectors like agriculture, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and social welfare.

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