Imported toberlone chocolates withdrawn in turkey

Toberlone chocolates withdrawn: In a recent announcement, Kent Gıda revealed its decision to recall the ‘Toblerone milk 100 grams’ product imported from Switzerland and sold in Turkey. The recall, reported to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), was prompted by the presence of foreign plastic material in the product.

Recall Announcement and Product Details

Kent Gıda promptly notified the KAP of the recall, specifying the affected product as ‘Toblerone with Milk 100 gr.’ The lot number identified for the recall is ‘OOY4033553’. Consumers who have purchased this product are strongly advised not to consume it.

Reason for Recall and Isolated Incident Confirmation

The recall is attributed to an isolated incident leading to foreign plastic material contamination in the Toblerone Milky 100 gr. product. In a statement to KAP, Kent Gıda emphasized that the contamination source has been identified, and immediate corrective measures have been taken to prevent reoccurrence.

Impact and Consumer Advisory on toberlone chocolates withdrawn

Importantly, the recall decision pertains only to the Toblerone with Milk 100 gr. product and does not affect other Mondelēz International or Toblerone products. Consumers are urged to refrain from consuming the specified product and to contact Mondelēz International Turkey for refunds and compensation.

Full Statement and Safety Priority

The detailed statement by Kent Gıda underscores its commitment to consumer safety and product quality. Produced in Switzerland by Mondelēz International and distributed by Kent Gıda in Turkey, the Toblerone Milky 100 gr. recall reflects the company’s dedication to addressing consumer concerns.

Swift Recall Execution and Consumer Guidance

Kent Gıda has taken swift action by recalling the products with the identified lot number, collecting them for destruction, and informing relevant public institutions. Consumers are encouraged to contact Mondelēz International Turkey for assistance regarding refunds and compensation.


In conclusion, the Toblerone recall by Kent Gıda emphasizes the crucial role of swift and decisive action in addressing product contamination. Prioritizing consumer safety and quality assurance, this incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to maintain transparency and trust within the food industry.

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Is the recall applicable to all Toblerone products?

No, the recall is specific to the Toblerone with Milk 100 gr. product with lot number ‘OOY4033553’.

How can consumers affected by the recall get refunds and compensation?

Consumers are advised to contact Mondelēz International Turkey’s consumer services team at 0850 210 46 66 or for assistance.

Are there any health risks associated with consuming the recalled product?

While the recall is precautionary, consumers are urged not to consume the specified product due to foreign plastic material contamination.

Has the source of contamination been completely addressed?

Yes, Kent Gıda has identified the contamination source and implemented immediate corrective measures.

How is Kent Gıda ensuring the safety of its other products?

The recall is specific to the Toblerone with Milk 100 gr. product, and Kent Gıda emphasizes that it does not affect other Mondelēz International or Toblerone products.

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